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Take Care of Your Flash Cards

There’s a really great article on the PhotoFocus website by on how to take care of your flash cards.

I’d like emphasize his Tip #7 about not inserting or removing a flash card with the camera turned on. On my Nikon D-90 there is a little green light that flashes whenever I turn the camera off. As long as that light is on the camera may be accessing the card so IT IS NOT SAFE TO INSERT OR REMOVE THE FLASH CARD! I always wait for it to turn off.

Bill Robertson


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Using an External Flash.

This video deals with the basics of flash:

And now, here are those same principles applied to real world settings:

Phil Tughan


















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Getting Your Camera Out Of Full Auto Mode

Here are some videos with tips on getting your camera out of full Auto Mode presented at the December 1st meeting:

Phil Tughan


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Tips For Holiday Pet Photography

Here are some good tips on holiday pet photography from Olympus.

During the holidays, people love to photograph all of the family and friends they hold dear. For many people, this includes their beloved pets. Taking pet photos can be a struggle – they can move around even more than children, but without the ability to understand when you say, “Just one picture – say cheese!” Here are some tips to make your pet photography easier.

Frank Knor

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Get Website Updates Automatically

Would you like to receive an email whenever there’s an update to our Camera Club website?

This short video shows how easy it is to set up.

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Daylight Saving Time

When you were busy changing all your clocks back to Eastern Standard Time, did you remember to change the clock in your camera?

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Cold Weather Photography Tip Videos

Here are some videos with tips on photography in cold weather presented at the November 3rd meeting.

 Phil Tughan















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Fall Foliage Reports


Cottage Lake Mist by Anne Jones

Find the right time and place to view fall’s beautiful colours using these helpful guides.

Ontario Parks Fall Report

The Ontario Parks Fall Report is updated weekly and conveniently provides a map and other visual aids to help leaf peepers figure out what the fall foliage conditions are at Ontario Provincial Parks and the surrounding areas.

Anywhere in Ontario from the end of September to mid-October offers up fall color, but some of Ontario’s more popular fall foliage viewing spots are Algonquin Park, the Bruce Peninsula,

Ontario Fall Colour Progress Report

Like the Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report, this report also tracks the changing fall colours across Ontario. Take a road trip and see the vibrant leaves in the northern, northeastern, and northwestern parts of the province.

Quebec Fall Foliage Report

This tourism website provides foliage updates for the province starting mid-September and is   updated every Friday. Just about anywhere in Quebec will reward leaf-peepers with fall colour in late September to mid-October, but some of the most popular places to see fall foliage are the Laurentian Mountains, the ​Eastern Townships, Gatineau Park, and Charlevoix.

Courtesy Tripsavvy – Canada Fall Foliage Reports

Frank Knor

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Simple ways to improve your photography

Here are four videos that show some simple ways to improve your photography:

and one to get your mind thinking about next month’s challenge …


 Phil Tughan

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Bird Photography at the Monahan Ponds in Bridlewood

[Click on images to enlarge]


Recently my sister, Anne Jones, and I have been enjoying many trips to the drainage ponds near the corner of Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road to photograph birds. These ponds have been recently redeveloped and have reverted to a very mature and natural habitat surprisingly quickly.

We regularly see and photograph a wide variety of interesting birds there, such as Blue Herons, Green Herons (I think), Night Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Ducks and Kingfishers, to name a few. There are hundreds of geese there during the migration season. Although it is best in early morning or evening, it is rare to visit any time and not see something. Although not shown on maps, there is now a paved path all the way around the perimeter of the ponds. This makes for a nice walk (almost a 2km loop) with many benches for resting on along the way. A bridge also cuts across the middle for shorter loops. There is lots of civilization around, but also great spots to stop and shoot with good backdrops for in-flight shots.

Overhead by Phil Tughan

Overhead by Phil Tughan

There is a great spot to stand (where the path dips down) near the south west corner. Parking is easy. I prefer to park on Emerald Meadows Drive just past where the creek passes under the road and walk clockwise around the ponds. Don’t forget to look at the pond on the north side of Emerald Meadows Drive too while you’re walking by. Parking is also available on Coldwater Crescent and other nearby streets. Unofficial parking is limited off Hope Side Road. A good long lens is always nice to have, but you can often get pretty close to the birds here with pleasing results. Happy hunting.




Phil Tughan

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