Bird Photography at the Monahan Ponds in Bridlewood

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Recently my sister, Anne Jones, and I have been enjoying many trips to the drainage ponds near the corner of Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road to photograph birds. These ponds have been recently redeveloped and have reverted to a very mature and natural habitat surprisingly quickly.

We regularly see and photograph a wide variety of interesting birds there, such as Blue Herons, Green Herons (I think), Night Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Ducks and Kingfishers, to name a few. There are hundreds of geese there during the migration season. Although it is best in early morning or evening, it is rare to visit any time and not see something. Although not shown on maps, there is now a paved path all the way around the perimeter of the ponds. This makes for a nice walk (almost a 2km loop) with many benches for resting on along the way. A bridge also cuts across the middle for shorter loops. There is lots of civilization around, but also great spots to stop and shoot with good backdrops for in-flight shots.

Overhead by Phil Tughan

Overhead by Phil Tughan

There is a great spot to stand (where the path dips down) near the south west corner. Parking is easy. I prefer to park on Emerald Meadows Drive just past where the creek passes under the road and walk clockwise around the ponds. Don’t forget to look at the pond on the north side of Emerald Meadows Drive too while you’re walking by. Parking is also available on Coldwater Crescent and other nearby streets. Unofficial parking is limited off Hope Side Road. A good long lens is always nice to have, but you can often get pretty close to the birds here with pleasing results. Happy hunting.




Phil Tughan


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